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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Meaning of Art

The Meaning of Art

By Jim J. McCrea

Being (or that which exists) has transcendental properties. The transcendental properties of being are so much identified with being, they are literally other names for being.

Some of these are *unity,* *truth,* *goodness,* and *beauty.*

Unity means that a thing, insofar as it has being, is one thing. It is not a disjointed multiplicity. Truth means that it is intelligible. Goodness means that it supplies for the good of other beings. And being as being is beautiful.

Any uncoordinated multiplicity, unintelligibility, evil, or ugliness means that something is lacking what it should have. Those things are not other forms of being.

Now this idea is connected with proper art.

With proper art we have purposeful "distortions" in form, texture, colour, and so forth, so it does not look like a "realistic" photograph.

Why is this done?

This does not to reduce the perception of the reality of the object, person, or situation, but to enhance it.

This purposeful "distortion" in legitimate art enhances one or more of the transcendental properties of being, so these transcendentals shine forth with a brilliance that they would not in a photograph or by looking at it with the plain eyes.

With this, the legitimate purpose of art is to, directly or indirectly, glorify God who has the transcendental properties of being to an infinite degree.

God is infinite unity, truth, goodness, and beauty.